Monday, March 16, 2015

Mit der Sonne im Inneren.

Und Glücklicher liebe.

The Love inside of us, keeps the warm sun of springtime in our body.
Reject, refuse, denied it make us only empty, but (yes) it hurt less. To be empty, makes no pain, makes nothing, it´s silent, let you go out to the world and work, produce, and when you are functional to the world (not to you) the world give you back money, and money help to decorate your sorround, yourself, so I can understand those who look to the other side, and hide their love in the dark side of their heart.

But I cant. I need the soft sun of love warming my skin from inside out. Sometimes that warm feeling comes out in tears, in sad crying tears, Sometimes the love is only pain in the heart, it is so strong that looks like will never go away, and it is hard to recognize any spring there... But there it is, so beautiful feeling of missing my flasche, missing to take care of him, missing to give, and there is the magic, there is the exact point were your life is giant, in the missery of a struggeling heart, in the knowledge of beeing only a Spatz, who learned that cannot do anything but to feel, feel the spring sun of love.