Friday, January 30, 2015

Zu viel Gewicht...

... für das Herz die kleine Spatz.

To see a man falling down. No, not that, to see a man on his humanity, and see him open his arms and embrace life and love and stand on his feet and grow, grow and shine..., and then suddenly watch him to fall..., and fall, and fall reducing his heart to a plan, his love to the wishes of his scrumbled brain, that is too hard for a simple Spatz, but when that man is every single letter, and meaning, of the word LOVE to you, this weight is absolutely overwhelming...

First you blame yourself, and you accept all the guilt on your wings, to help him go trougth this "path",  then you try to give as much as you can, and you do; then..., you, start to see again, and you search for him with his open arms, and the feet in the earth, the man who grow loving you..., and you believe everything because you want this weight to disappear, you want the nightmare to end in the morning... And you talk and you wait and you hope and you pray..., and one day you accept that a monster is living in your sweet Flasche, because denying is a face with many steps, and in every step you buy a new day for you... It's to change some of the weight on hope.

But the falling escalade is not ending. And maybe you will always have a new smallity-small hope, but even when the pain is every time less, changing for disappointment, the pain of a man, wasting the beauty of life inside of him, killing it to the lamest things of this world, it is an unending sadness.

The war, the suffering of a child, countries in precarious conditions, the cruelty inside of humans, the silent loneliness, Ich bin nichts mehr als eine Spatz, I'm not more than a Spatz..., and I can feel all the pain of the world, it is a storm in the chest, it is an intense bit of the heart.

To love a human is to love all them, when mein Flasche is loosing himself in a ocean of deceitfulness, he lives in a war, he: the childs, his cruelty win the battles against his heart, and at the end, he has no real bounds, so at the core he is lonely, and this is all the humans in one, and I am contemplating him.

This is the pain I feel. It´s not about me, it's about him, falling down...

                 ... Only the love define us, this is
the real proof, dont let win the Gewicht: stay
firm on the storm, and keep loving tender...!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Die Spatz und der Flasche

A love story, on a pathological world.

Yes, mein Flasche..., he was my love story, was the love and the hope in the world. We met almost by hazard, and let the love take us in an adventure were I challenge the world, and mein Flasche sit at home talking about how exhausting was to see all I have to do, demanding for silence caring, and resting time. Is this sounding weird to you?! Well, it is a weird story of a postmodern love growing in the brain of a Flasche, empty Flasche, and die Spatz, who flies too low...

Hi was a large and thin blue Flasche, un die Spatz felt that this estrange creature, tie and nervous, fun and insecure, who talk and talk about the great everything that is in his life, was for some reason, a sweet lost Flasche, and she wanted to be driven to a love story.

Der Flasche un die Spatz
They fell in love, time before they met again, step by step life cross their life and she flew to his safe place, leaving home to sleep in the side of the hope.

Flasche was captivated by the Spatz, his Spatz, she was all what he was not, and a complete new world, he was as all the Flascheskind are, hard, cold, looking transparent, but able to be filled with pure mountain water or dirty heavy killing explosive diesel.

During the time together, die Spatz enjoy giving all her soul to this Flasche, and feeling and watching him get soft, the Flasche fill himself with her way to be, to love, to commit, and as she is a tender little bird the comunication and the days were always looking orientated to a common future, full of common dreams, Spatz was in her net, Flasche find a heart to bit in with... Love was everywhere.

Die Spatz must fly, and she flew back home, to create a new world soon. And with the distance, the Flasche started to loose the content he had with her, inside..., and get filled by others, he gets apart of her, and she didn't know what was happening...

One day, was nothing inside him again, that was recognizable as a piece of the Spatz, and he get lost, he get fear, never before in his life he felt as when he embraced and received die kleine Spatz inside of his cold glass, and now he felt the loneliness again, where were everything? Where was the love? Hi look at himself and was looking the same, but felt not the same, must be HER FAULT! Something SHE DID!

Die Spatz get a broken  heart by her Flasche, and with bandits in her wings, she flew again to him..., was too late, he can not accept, he cannot see how he filled himself with all the storms and the final disaster, and he was never again open to love, maybe he never wanted to feel again empty, but without get empty again he cannot receive her, because is no place for her...

The story of der Flasche and die Spatz, is a love history, and every second that they spend together, is a resemblance of the history of the world, inside of the memories you can find all the philosophy of humans, all the detailed spectrum of each soul..., this is the base from where I'm gonna let my memories to guide what my eyes look everyday, in this love story are all the reasons to pursue the good and be tender hearted but firm to confront the other side...

                                                                                                     Love, and never stop loving!

Bin Ich.

Here we are, souls in front of souls... we were born out of the miraculous coincidences, and we find each other sharing this world... Ich bin eine Spatz, if all my dear germans forgive my tendency to use the words at humans services, not in normative cold functions..., that is for me, the poetry and the freedom of writing. In German, by the way, you should say Ich bin EIN Spatz, there is no lady bird, but lets be crazy! Jawohl!!!

And so, here is my flug. I am die spanish-speaking Spatz, who writes in english..., sometimes in a poor english, but to fly, english is the one that will help our communication to go on.

I believe that share what we are, is what make us bigger, not exactly the "giving" part of share, but the receiving from others the experiences, and the unique vision that their own senses are able to perceive, I adore when someone transmits to me one of this treasures..., here I´m trying the "giving", to take what is offered to me completely shameless.

This is a love´s flug, because nothing else is important, and that will be the foundations of this attempt to share..., here is a "humanistic" little bird who welcomes you ;) !

                                                                                                 ... ´till next time! Enjoy and love!