Friday, January 30, 2015

Zu viel Gewicht...

... für das Herz die kleine Spatz.

To see a man falling down. No, not that, to see a man on his humanity, and see him open his arms and embrace life and love and stand on his feet and grow, grow and shine..., and then suddenly watch him to fall..., and fall, and fall reducing his heart to a plan, his love to the wishes of his scrumbled brain, that is too hard for a simple Spatz, but when that man is every single letter, and meaning, of the word LOVE to you, this weight is absolutely overwhelming...

First you blame yourself, and you accept all the guilt on your wings, to help him go trougth this "path",  then you try to give as much as you can, and you do; then..., you, start to see again, and you search for him with his open arms, and the feet in the earth, the man who grow loving you..., and you believe everything because you want this weight to disappear, you want the nightmare to end in the morning... And you talk and you wait and you hope and you pray..., and one day you accept that a monster is living in your sweet Flasche, because denying is a face with many steps, and in every step you buy a new day for you... It's to change some of the weight on hope.

But the falling escalade is not ending. And maybe you will always have a new smallity-small hope, but even when the pain is every time less, changing for disappointment, the pain of a man, wasting the beauty of life inside of him, killing it to the lamest things of this world, it is an unending sadness.

The war, the suffering of a child, countries in precarious conditions, the cruelty inside of humans, the silent loneliness, Ich bin nichts mehr als eine Spatz, I'm not more than a Spatz..., and I can feel all the pain of the world, it is a storm in the chest, it is an intense bit of the heart.

To love a human is to love all them, when mein Flasche is loosing himself in a ocean of deceitfulness, he lives in a war, he: the childs, his cruelty win the battles against his heart, and at the end, he has no real bounds, so at the core he is lonely, and this is all the humans in one, and I am contemplating him.

This is the pain I feel. It´s not about me, it's about him, falling down...

                 ... Only the love define us, this is
the real proof, dont let win the Gewicht: stay
firm on the storm, and keep loving tender...!

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  1. We, humans, live the worst war inside of us, when we get lost, cannot grab again to the important things of life, and cannot turn back. Fly Spatz!


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