Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Am Ende, der Anfang...

des Lebens...

I´m a small, grey, curious little Spatz, as many others... But in my way I get to love ein Flasche who was filling himself with many things that closed his life to me, and to any "hardcore" real stuff.., he get himself into an falling spiral, that only gives to me sadness,  and to him and to the world a living mask, a complete lie, a lonely monster who tells stories about how great he is, how many lenguages he speack, how much people likes him, and at the same time, people do not understand him (they only dont like him), how great writor he is, and musician, and paintor, and, and, and, andandandand..., but he is nothing of that in this world, all are only words, and a kids painting in a wall,... my poor Flasche...

I gave him my heart, and all a bird can give, we had a "consigne", well when I felt that could not be with him anymore, I told him every time "I will leave you honey, I have to leave you." and asked to please answer "Do you want me to leave?" he said all the time "No, I don´t want you to leave me" so I stay. This time I told him, and he keeps in silence, He was silent from some time before, because of that silence I decided to leave..., he keeps the silence. I left.

Now, he is alone in a world that will not forgive him. My thougths are still stoping in his nose from time to time, I don´t denie it, but he is alone. I was so affraid to wake up to a new day without him, and without been here for him, if he needs me. But I left. I turned his page off of my life, and in the end, was my new start of life.

To finish circles, is not the easier thing, but we have to. I have peace, I am proud of me, the sunny days have no tears with his name. The problems are only problems, because my heart is save, is not food for the Flaschenstein. My life is living free of pain that is not ment for this Spatz. The world is runing easier, and Im thankful.

I am still loving the story drawn by my heart, I tried, and now I am at the start of a new root, ready to live!

So I found: am Ende, Der Anfang des Lebens!

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